Senior School Sports

Sport Registration

Registrations will open at the end of each term in preparation for the start of the following term. Parents will be sent notification to register via an EdSmart email which contains information about the sports on offer and a link to an online Google registration form.

Please note that in line with Public Health advice, for 2021 each sport will be offered subject to COVID-19 guidelines at the time. Parents and Carers should feel assured that St Virgil's College has in place a comprehensive COVID-19 Sport Plan which has been endorsed by the relevant sporting association for each sport and venue. Please note that due to the COVID guidelines and the possibility of modified rosters and access to venues, limits may apply to the number of participants and teams that the College can enter in certain sports.


Parent and Guardian permission is required to register for all Senior School Sport and is sought through the online registration process.


All boys will be bused by the College to their respective venue and should be collected promptly at the conclusion of their match. 


Students are able to wear their sports uniform to school on days they have SVC Sport.
A full list of official sporting team uniforms available from the College Uniform Store can be found here.  Sports uniforms can be purchased from the Uniform Shop online or between 8.00 am - 4.00 pm, each Tuesday and Thursday during term time.
The Uniform Shop can be contacted on 03 62493610 or .

2021 Term Dates

Generally most sports are played over one school term. Dates for 2021 are:
Term 1: Monday February 1 - Thursday April 1
Term 2: Tuesday April 27 - Thursday July 1
Term 3: Tuesday July 20 - Friday September 24
Term 4: Monday October 11 - Thursday December 16


Any enquiries relating to sport at SVC Senior School can be directed to the Director of Sport, Mr Michael Moschogianis at .